Words and actions to avoid

“It’s normal to be afraid, angry and frustrated when you have been laid off,” says Monique Soucy, psycho-sociologist in career management. But a disproportionate reaction could hurt your job search.

In front of the employer

Avoid bemoaning the situation by saying things like “I have two kids and my husband is on welfare,” or accusing the company by criticizing the boss for decisions that ended up costing the company. Your arguments won’t change anything. Worse, a whiny or accusatory attitude might antagonize the employer, making it less likely that you will get a good reference.

In front of your colleagues

Don’t express your feelings to everyone and anyone. “We need to vent our feelings, but not at work,” confirms Soucy. You may come across former colleagues in a new job. Leave your colleagues with the image of someone who can hold his or her head up, an attitude that employers always appreciate.

Don’t denigrate the company to your colleagues. Within an industry, take communications for example, many people know each other, and things have a way of coming out into the open. This kind of behaviour is not seen well by employers. Recruiters could dismiss your application if they think they might be treated in the same way.

In front of yourself

Don’t feel sorry for yourself. You need to keep up your self-esteem so you can find a job that fits you. You former employer may not need your skills, but others out there might be interested.

(Source: www.jobboom.ca)

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