Before Leaving a Job

Tips on leaving with your dignity intact

You’ve got your box of personal belongings in your arms and are ready to leave your office for good. Psycho-sociologist Monique Soucy recommends a few things to do before stepping out the door.

Ask for a letter of recommendation

Request it as soon as possible. “It’s best to have the letter in hand before leaving the company,” explains Soucy. That way, you will have it when you begin your job search. However, it’s futile to ask for a letter of recommendation if you have been dismissed for incompetence. In any case, the boss would refuse.

Finish your work well

Are you required to finish your work week or day? Do your tasks well. Soucy explains, “the employee is paid to perform his or her work. It must be done as completely as possible.” In this way, you can keep your reputation.

Say goodbye to your colleagues

Thank colleagues with whom you have had a good professional relationship and ask them for their contact information. Let them know that they may receive calls for references.

Use criticism to fuel improvement

Welcome comments without trying to justify yourself, but don’t be too hard on yourself either.  If you don’t agree with your employer’s verdict, simply respond: “That’s your point of view, but I think I served the company well.” Use criticism to improve, or turn it around to your advantage. You are chided for spending too much time on details? Look for a job that requires meticulousness.


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