Stay Positive!

“After the initial shock, employees who have been let go often realize that they were unhappy at work,” states Clément Patenaude, industrial psychologist and President of Reso Innovac, a firm of experts in organizational strategy. Don’t become overwhelmed by anger or disappointment. Rather, consider losing your job as a positive step.
<h2>Start over</h2>
Losing your job is a chance to take a step back. “I tell my clients to write a list of what they want in a job, including the values they’re looking for and the skills they want to put to use,” explains Nathalie Martin, President of Enjeux Carrière, an agency specializing in career orientation. “This exercise helps them find a job that is a better fit and in which they can be happier, and thus more productive.” Do you like a friendly work environment? Look for a position in an SMB instead of a large company.
<h2>Toward a more fulfilling job</h2>
Losing a job can also be an opportunity to follow a dream that had been set aside, like changing your career or starting your own company. While analyzing the situation, you may realize that your interests have changed or evolved over the years. “A laid-off police officer who likes manual work decided to take a woodworking class,” recalls Josée Carrière, Director of Professional Services at the Centre d’orientation et de recherche d’emploi de l’Estrie. “Since then, he’s been very happy.”

Nathalie Martin uses this explanation: “If you try on a shoe that is too big, you don’t buy it. The same goes for a job.” After you’ve taken time to reflect, don’t accept the first position that you are offered. This is the moment to focus on finding a job that will truly be fulfilling.
<h2>Tips to remember</h2>
<li>Laid-off workers may feel hurt and anger. This is perfectly normal. “Get help from a professional, like a psychologist, who will help you get through this stage in your life,” suggests Nathalie Martin.</li>
<li>Do you have skills you want to develop, or do you want to change your career? “Consult a career orientation counsellor,” adds Martin. “They are trained to help you.”</li>
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